Furniture Warriors X
Plus Sigma Turbo Thallium Battle 2002
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Chair and Back Again
Climbing a Stepladder to Heaven!
Isujitsu Vs. Kompaqqu Ryu?
Cabinet Positions
Rigor Mortise!
Bare Rug
Don't Let the Chair Bugs Bite!
Divan Intervention
Illuminating Dark Corners of the Attic Loft of the Mind!
Don't Couch Your Opinions!
Attack of the Wannabes!
The Crowded Living Room Floor
Lampshades of Your Heart!
The final shaping of a chair.
Terms of a FWX Warrior! (We Think)
Splinters of Doom!
Old Grudges Never Sit Down
Old Grudges Never Sit Down, Pt. 2
Lights Out For Ijima!
Everybody Loves/Hates Seki
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  The Black Pack
  Blossoms in the Spring
  Dark Heart High
  Furniture Warriors X
  The North
  One of Those Shops
  Shinji's Alternate Universes
  The Starburst Crystal