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[1] - Chibi Or Not Chibi... That, And The Quest's On!
[2] - Oracle or No Oracle...That, and a Brief Geography Lesson!
[3] - Adversaries or Allies...That, and Things Get Hectic!
[4] - Victoly or Defeat...That, and the Next Seal's WHERE?!
[5] - Breaking the Previously Established Pattern of Chapter Titles
[6] - Lost or Found...That, and You Stepped in WHAT?!
[7] - Friends and Enemies... That, And Something Is Sodden In The Lake Of The Dark!
[8] - Death and Destruction ...That and the Realities of an Author More Focused on the Olympics
[9] - Shopping and Upgrades... That, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!
[10] - Fish and Chips.... and now, for something completely different
[11] - New Powers, Old Jokes and Mysterious Bad Guys...Oh My!!
[12] - Hey, Wait A... What Just Happened?
[13] - Boybands and Pop Music... That, And I'm Still Not Giving Up The H!flash Titling Trend, Jesse!
[14] - To play or to pay...That, and Dancing Scotsmen in Kilts are really sexy!
[15] - Something and Something Else... That, and... Oops, Wait a Minute, This Was Supposed To Be a FFL Chapter Title
[16] - Chaos and Confusion... That, and a Treasure Hunt!
[17] - Friends and Random Encounters... that, and a Non-Shakespearian Title Completion!
[18] - Doushita? Doushita? ... The episode with far too many Dan references.
[19] - Let's Go! Chojin Sentai Mecha Dan Flies Into Action!...That, and a Game of Ultimate Frisbee for the Seal!
[20] - Bits and Bytes... That, and We've Voided Our Warranty!
[21] - Fun and Games... That, and a Daring Rescue Mission!
[22] - Many, Many Crossovers... That, and a Fighting Tournament!
[23] - All your Star Wars are belong to us... that, and the longest OWFT chapter yet.
[24] - The World is Square...that, and Blatant Abuse of Authoress Magic!
[25] - Torture or no torture?...that, and a Mission from Goddesses!
[26] - The World is Polygonal...that, and the Hunt for Jack Frost!
[27] - To Sing or Not To Sing... That, and We'll Fly the Friendly Skies!
[28] - Friendly skies and unfriendly skies... that, and too many random encounters!
[29] - Defenestration or Not Defenestration... That, and the Hunt for Bishounen Begins!
[30] - Ultra Pointless Encounters!... That, And Descent Into The Evil Zone!
[31] - Towers and Shadows...That, and (hopefully) the last Saikyo-Kun friend you'll ever have to meet.
[32] - Valor and treachery... what else need be said?
[33] - To Run or To Chase... That, and We're On the Trail!
[34] - Truth and Lies... That, and More Random Insanity!
[35] - Suspicion and Instinct...That, and Things get [Complicated]!
[36] - To sing, or not to sing ... That, and don't ever make a Goddess angry!
[37] - Dating and Dan references... That and 1,000 Arms
[38] - To chase or not to chase... that, and the penultimate chapter!
[39] - To leave or not to leave... that, and the end of our tale
Scott Schimmel
Kate Malloy
Ranma X
Steven Scougall
Jeff Petersen
Mark Poa
Illyria (2)
Delfina (2)
Scott Schimmel (2)
Kate Malloy (2)
Steven Scougall (2)
Gaijin Dan Mastriani
Illyria (3)
Kate Malloy (3)
SaikyoKun (2)
Dot Warner
Delfina (3)
Illyria (4)
Steven Scougall (3)
Kate Malloy (4)
SaikyoKun (3)
Devast8or (2)
Illyria (5)
G.L. Anthony
Dot Warner (2)
Delfina (4)
SaikyoKun (4)
Steven Scougall (4)
Steven Scougall (5)

OMAKE / FAN ART Dan's sentai mech by Talen
Kate and Illyria by Steve Scougall
Chrono Trigger Logo by Dot Warner
Legend of Mana Logo by Dot Warner
Star Ocean 2 Logo by Dot Warner
Ardweden by Steve Scougall
Dan by Steve Scougall
Pre-chemist Steve by Steve Scougall
Scott gets a big surprise by Steve Scougall
Omake Episode 33.5: Intermission Riff... That and a recap! by SaikyoKun
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