The Starburst Crystal
Genre: Magical Girl/Vanilla Quest
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Administrator: Ardweden
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 Author  Chapter
Sweetness of Light
Follow the Lemon Drop Road
Bitter Shame
Open Your Heart to the Bubble-Yummy Light
Questing is Scrumptious
Mind Candy
A Taste of Knowledge
Under the Warm Vanilla Sun
Just Desserts
Sour Feelings
Sweet Nothings
Candy-coated Water Drops
Brittle Shock
Icy Cool Quest
The Sweet Taste of Victory
Soft Centres
Chocolate Tears
Gum, with Occasional Music
Cinnamon Hearts
Wonka Wonka Wonka!
On the Big Rock Candy Desert
Tough Cookies
Darkest Chocolate
Sugar High Noon
Sour Apple Slide
From Charms
Sugar Rush
Sugarcane Prison
Devil's Pocky
Salty Tears
Spice Drops
You Make Me Mad
Studies in Sweetness and Shadow
Not In Your Hand
Sweet Returns
Crunchy Conundrum
Dum-dum Mystery Pops
An Empty Wrapper
A Red Hot Predicament
In Mars' Country
Sweetness of Villainy
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Seven Happy Fun-Fun Days on the Road
Savory Truffle
Just Add Milk
The Carret that Roared
The Only Easy Day...
The Soft Nougat Center Cannot Hold
A Cordial Before Battle
Anniversary Cake
 Author  Chapter
  The Black Pack
  Blossoms in the Spring
  Dark Heart High
  Furniture Warriors X
  The North
  One of Those Shops
  Shinji's Alternate Universes
  The Starburst Crystal